So Many Leapers
(C) Jerry Fielden 2005 SOCAN

Violation of trusting hearts comes to you with a price
You scatter around when darkness falls, a pack of frightened mice
Lay your arms down stop that war, an exercise in vain
Use your heads and give a damn, remove the veil of pain

Words of wisdom crowns of gold
Words of fashion dolls of old
Ages so young so many leapers
Mages, fishermen, throngs of reapers



Desecration of love lost picks at you with a knife
Raising banners to paeans of old, is it worth a life?
Ring in the new because the elder's taken a bad turn
Alarms through time, you pay the cost, how will you ever learn?


Putrefaction in the trenches, a lesson in pure hate
A soldier dreams, a girl is crying, signs of a lost fate
Your turn will come, prisoners caught, released in clouds of gray
A monster lies between your ears, this dragon you must slay