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Arapacis – ‘The Park’

Out now, on Bullseye Records, Canada Inc, ‘The Park’ is the new single, from eclectic metal band, Arapacis.

Although only recently released, ‘TP’ was actually composed in 1978, by guitarist, Jerry Fielden.

Featuring Jerry, on guitar and backing vocals, Michelle Macpherson, on lead vocals, Jean Audet, on bass, Scott Haskin, on drums and Gillan Macpherson-Briggs, on keyboards.

Gillan is a protégé of the bands’ present recording keyboardist, David Stone (ex-Rainbow).

The Park – Opening on a heart-warming keyboard tone and a neatly synced slide riff. Well-placed bottleneck, there. Lead and backing vocals unite, before yielding to a strong, deepening, underlying keyboard section, with notable Deep Purple-esque tones. Silky vocals, hitting the heights, capably. Lots of beats in the rhythms. Sharply delivered riffs, bridging, with powerful Cream-esque echoes, very colourful, Rainbow-esque keyboard sections and a sense of building anticipation. Warmth and intrigue combine, within the melody. Accessible narratives meet melodic heart. Bass holding it all together, with a strong foundation. Ending on a final cymbal flourish. All components work well, together, though could just use a bit more cohesion, to smooth it out, more, as a whole. So just sounding slightly fragmented, but with a firm foundation.

7/10 *******

For fans of Deep Purple, Rainbow, Cream, Eric Clapton, Derek and the Dominoes.







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